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SONIC THE EYEBALL: Project 365 day 6

I’ve started running a bit behind on the project 365 er…project but here is day 6 for your viewing pleasure. He’s just a polished up version of the lil concept guy below. I quite like him. He looks gormless but cute 🙂


Aliens!!! Project 365 day 4 & 5

Just a quickie post today. I’m helping in the design of another Project 365 and done some very quick concept sketches for some wacky aliens. There may even be a couple that look familiar 🙂

They are very early sketches but hopefully over the weekend I’ll polish them up and throw them up here somewhere 🙂


Based on the old B-Movie movie posters this an invite for my son’s birthday next week. I like the concept and the result looks…OK, but I really wish I’d captured more of the vintage feel to it.

Project 365 day 3

The concept behind the main character in my game concept is kind of a disposable hero. One of the abilities he will be able to put into action will be the scavenging of parts from defeated enemies and be able to attach them to himself. Such as the the Spider Drone, he will be able to rip its legs off and attach them to his ports (the little blue lights) for a limited time and use the abilities he gains.

Here is day three’s concept art of the main character using the ability described above. Enjoy and please leave comments and ideas in the usual place or just email me 🙂

Project 365 day 2

Today was just a quickie in that I decided to create a drone. Tomorrow i’ll be posting a bit of info on the game itself and how it plays and what its USP’s are.

The spider drone is just about 8 feet tall from ground to top of it mounted gun. They come in various flavours such as machine gun, concussion cannon and water cannon.

Pitfall Custom kicks flyer/poster type thing..


Pitfall custom kicks

I love pitfall and nowhere is better than on the Atari 2600. The geometric shapes are just fantastic and really gave me some inspiration.
pitfall nike small

I’m currently creating a custom flyer for these ones too in the stylee of an old Atari 2600 box 🙂 I’ll post when it’s finished.


Dunedin Parkour logo

DPK (Dunedin Parkour), who are a fledgling parkour group that meet in Dunedin required a logo and Edsel (the guy, not the car!) who runs DPK asked if I help. So without further ado, here it is…

Custom Nike Kicks.

These custom kicks use my “New from old” image to give a crazy 80’s kind of feel. Now you can walk around whilst making a statement about urban regeneration on your feet!

Let’s go retro…two!

I really enjoyed doing the retro Transformers poster so decided to do a Transformers Revenge of the Fallen poster. It’s quite dark but looks good. See for your self.

60's transformers