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Wow!!! August 10th since the last post. Well, I never have been much of a diary keeper and what with polytech been mega busy and working night shift been an N.S.T. (Nocturnal Space Technician – or shelf filler at the super market).

This semester has been a mixed bag for me. The projects themselves have been pretty decent but I’ve just found it difficult to muster any kind enthusiasm for them. I’ll post about them individually…at some point.

Right! To the Batcave!!



Hongzhi Gao

Last week we ha d a guest lecturer called Hongzhi Gao. He specializes in marketing and can currently be found haunting the campus of Otago University. He came into our Graphic Design class where we have just started a brief for a redesign on a brand of chocolate. Hongzhi came in talk to us about Culture Design and Marketing. His powerpoint and lecture was very informative and he was funny to boot. Overall an excellent guest speaker.