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Diesel Wall – ON!!!!!!

So, the Diesel wall competition is well and truly under way now with one of the four walls closed for entrieswith another (New York) to end tomorrow. My design is for Manchester which closes on the 18th I believe. My design went through quite a bit of an evolution, not in its theme, but in style. I initally wanted to do a high contrast black and white piece about urban renewal. Originally haling from the north of England this is something I have seen happen around me over the last several years of my life there (I left Blighty for NZ 2.5 years ago). I’m old enough to rememeber the IRA bomb  that destroyed a substantial part of Manchesters city centre, so with this in mind along with the amazing leaps forward in urban renewal/regeneration this was something I felt is close to my heart.

The idea was of a character fighting his way out of relics from the past whilst also trying to avoid been swept away by a wave which is trying to envelope him. Above is a mock up of the initial sketch in situ whilst below is a larger version.

Although I stayed with the concept the design changed to more of a metaphor whilst using a more simplified and clearer image to understand. The little guy now has fought his way out from the demons (relics of the past) and emerged from the tidal wave, almost in a born  again style statement, in the distance can be seen green hills and blue sky, symbolising a brighter future. The guy, however has a worried look on his face which is to show he is afraid of the mistakes of the past and doesn’t want to repeat them. Here is the finished piece which I have submitted to Diesel.

I am happy with the image and really enjoyed researching and creating this image. Hopefully something good will come out of it, if not never mind 🙂


The old gods.

It’s happening everywhere, the old demons are been overthrown as we speak. Layers of history are been peeled back and discarded, their crimes rubbed out and the scars covered up. Monoliths of chrome, metal and concrete replacing the decaying monsters of an era best forgotten.

Oh how we embrace our new overlords of modernity and minimalism, their lines leading our eyes and feet from basement to spire. The creators of the old demons themselves replaced older demons. It stops here, we are gods, not demons and shall not embrace their crimes again?

Good artists copy, great artists steal, designers reference.

Recently I had to create a single image that represented myself. I searched through all my old works but nothing I had, I felt, actually represented myself in my current creative state. I left that job for another day and went about my daily business of design. Fast forward a few days and I’m doing research on designers/groups that influence me. One of those groups is RINZEN who are an amazing design group based out of Australia. Their work is phenomenal and strikes a chord with my own work. Whilst researching them I came across a cover for XLR8R magazine with an amazing cover on it. XLR8R cover #113

As you can see it’s a pretty amazing cover and felt this would be an excellent choice for my image to represent me. I was going to use the original image for several days when I thought, what if I actually do an interpretation of it myself. After all, my style is not too different and I really wanted to add a personal touch. So I did my own version of it, using my face as a the base.


At the time I was happy with the piece, but now after the presentation and a week later I’m not so keen on it. Did I copy? Did I steal? All I know is that I did reference, but does that make it OK? I’m honestly not sure. I think I’m just going to throw this into the experience file and not bring it back out.

I suppose the biggest question I have is, how can anyone be happy with their work if the steal or copy? I know I’m not happy with this piece and I don’t consider it copied or stolen, it merely references. Heavily.

CD Cover Meme

In todays Design Communication class we were given an interesting little project. Over at Flickr there is an interesting little community project creating CD covers from random wikipedia articles, quotes and flickr images. The wiki article is the title, the last quote is the album title but only the last four words can be used and the flickr image is the cd image and can be zoomed/cropped to your desire but can’t be altered other than that.

It was great fun actually doing this and we had one hour in which to create the finished design, print it and submit. It seemed everyone in the class enjoyed it. You can see other class members on the flickr site.

This is the final I decded to go with, see the other two on the other

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It’s all about me…

…and all about everyone else in the class too and Milan and Dazed and Confused magazine. In todays DC class we started with our group presentation (myself, Erin Mck,  Sunshine and Zina (not the warrior princess). The presentation was about Milan and Dazedand Confused magazine and what they represented. I feel it went really well and we kicked some ass imo!

For the second section we had  had to do a five minute presentation on ourselves.


I thought I had done a fairly funny slide-show that showed my progression  from my early childhood illustration to where I am currently. It wasn’t until I was doig the presentation that I realised I have nothing reaaly good. It was a total disaster. The cool thing about the class was seeing how far the other students had progressed. Some of the have come along leaps and bounds others not so much but everyone has improved markedly.

For next week I have to show  early concepts and influences on the designs.

Call to the (DIESEL) wall!

It’s a pretty cool project for this new class of Design Communication held my Rachel Gillies and Helen Riley. Basically over the next 12 weeks I need to design four huge images that are suitable for the brand that is Diesel. I’ve been thrown into a temporary partnership with Zina and Erin McK and we need to do a kind of mood board that shows what Milan and Dazed and Confused magazine are about. We also have to create a 5 minute presentation on our selves, so a bit of self promotion is the order of the day!!!

This class  gets a coolness rating of 5 out of 5!