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Pitfall Custom kicks flyer/poster type thing..



Pitfall custom kicks

I love pitfall and nowhere is better than on the Atari 2600. The geometric shapes are just fantastic and really gave me some inspiration.
pitfall nike small

I’m currently creating a custom flyer for these ones too in the stylee of an old Atari 2600 box 🙂 I’ll post when it’s finished.


Freelance Peacekeeping Agent


I’ve been a huge fan of the Simon Furman and Geoff Senior created Death’s Head for over 20 years now. A criminally under used Marvel UK property which has been bastardized by his successors such as Death’s Head II and Death’s Head 3.0. The original had a unique feel to him with plenty of great british black humour and more than a few peculiar traits, least of which been his speech, yes?

I decided to create a pair of custom kicks featuring a chibi version of him I drew many, many moons ago. Following the colour cues of the character and with a liberal dose of blood these kicks will be what the discerning bounty…er freelance peacekeeping agent will be wearing this fall 🙂

Check out Death’s Head here, Simon Furman here and here and Geoff Senior here.

If you enjoy the Marvel UK universe then you should check out the excellent blog called It Came From Darkmoor.

Custom Nike Kicks.

These custom kicks use my “New from old” image to give a crazy 80’s kind of feel. Now you can walk around whilst making a statement about urban regeneration on your feet!