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How Does Little Blue Die?

In specialised communication I am currently designer about 10 A3 concept boards for our Oamaru Penguin Colony project. Today I got a little bored so I decided to create a new one. I’m a firm believer in children learning of the harsh realities of life and one of the things missin from the Oamaru Penguin project is DEATH. Enter Little Blue to teach young uns about the end of life. Of course I’m noit a completely uncaring kind of guy and realise that shown too harshly it could damage yound children.

I’m think I’ve managed to get the balance between reality, education and fun just right 🙂


Look out!!!I’s the giant Oamaru Egg!

I’ve got a crit session tomorrow in Interactive design where I have to talk about an interactive exhibit I am working on with my class partner Erin. Our main idea is a giant egg which is big enough for an average adult. It’s stuffed with giant bean bags that represent the innards of an egg except for the yolk which is separate and needs to be attached to the user via a belt. Erin and I decided to go with animatics to get our ideas across and quickly created one for the egg and a back up for our Thump-o-swim (thump the button, make the penguin swim!).

Here is the Giant Egg film (sorry for the poor quality) .