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iPhone/iOS Super Hero Wallpapers

I’ve had a few people asking if I could make my recent super hero portraits into iOS wallpapers. Here they are. They are in the new higher res of the the iPhone 4 and new iPod touch. I’ll make an iPad version at some point in the near future 🙂



Flash! AHHHHH!!!!!

Look out!!!I’s the giant Oamaru Egg!

I’ve got a crit session tomorrow in Interactive design where I have to talk about an interactive exhibit I am working on with my class partner Erin. Our main idea is a giant egg which is big enough for an average adult. It’s stuffed with giant bean bags that represent the innards of an egg except for the yolk which is separate and needs to be attached to the user via a belt. Erin and I decided to go with animatics to get our ideas across and quickly created one for the egg and a back up for our Thump-o-swim (thump the button, make the penguin swim!).

Here is the Giant Egg film (sorry for the poor quality) .


So, I’ve been playing around in Flash doing animation when I started wondering if I could get something that looked good out of it as a still image. After playing with it for a while I came up with what you can see below. It’s a bit reminiscent of a previous Coca-Cola campaign which for the life of me I can’t find on the internet at the moment. As soon as I find the details I’ll post them.

I suppose there’s no reason why I couldn’t have done this in Illustrator, but since my skills in Illustrator are rubbish that answers that.


With this piece I tried to convey the fun side of the stripper. Fun, sexy and playful whilst also teasing just a bit. I think I was successful.

What a Feeling! [/flashdance reference]

Originally posted July 11th, 2007.

I’m still pretty much just chilling at the mo but at least I remembered this place!
Anyway, I found this great place which allows you to create funky dancing characters in Flash. The tools are fairly basic but allow for some great results. Here’s my effort.

::EDIT:: unfortunately WordPress will not allow me to embed the video. oh well. Check Roxik out though it’s great fun.

Its pretty amazing to think that anybody, regardless of skill can actually create an animation thesedays. Hmm…

F L A S H !!! AHH AHHHH!!!! Saviour of the Universe!!

Originally posted Monday June 11th, 2007.

I’m currently doing a bit of a crash course on Adobe’s Flash CS3. I’ve used it [previous versions of Flash] a small amount in the past but never fully got to grips with it. With that in mind I’ve been looking at various resources around the net and found a great tutorial website about Flash and many other programs. is a fantastic website that sells high quality video tutorials that will take you from been a novice to somewhere else (I can’t say where yet as I’m still learning 😛 ). Their instructions are very easy to use and will run on Mac or Windows.
I’ve learnt a lot in Flash CS3 these past few days and love the new functionality they have put into it. It’s now very similar to Illustrator and is a lot easier to draw with (I’m probably finding it easier to draw with than Illustrator but that’s a whole different blog post).

…so, check out and CS3 they’reeeee great!