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Seadragon and Photosynth. The hidden revolution?

Originally posted Thursday June 12th, 2007.

I saw this earlier today and was totally blown away. Imagine if every photo you uploaded to the internet was visually linked and referenced with meta tags and data? You like the look of that small sign way off in the distance? Well, with Seadragon and Photosynth you can zoom into it, but rather than it physically zooming the picture, it cross references it with hundreds maybe thousands of other images with the same sign, taking you on a virtual journey through other peoples eyes.

Check it out, I was so blown away by this I can barely begin to describe the kind of feelings I was having. The future of communication is changing so quickly who knows where we’ll be in five years but I know this for sure, I’m on for the ride and I’m not gonna let go.

Here’s the linkies!!! Photosynth and Seadragon talk, Photosynth site, Seadragon site,