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Do you like good music ? (yeah, yeah!)

Not a design post as such, which I’ve been incredibly crap at recently and promise to up my game, but I thought I’d throw a little shout out to a rather nice little music blog out there called adrift on deep water. It’s ran by a good friend of mine called GearĂ³id who is a massive music fan. What’s really good about his blog is the fact he finds all these strange and wonderful bands I would never normally hear, some I like, some I don’t, like all muisc really, and it allows me to “discover” them. There’s plenty of samples on there for you to have a listen to and find what you like and what you don’t, it’s all very eclectic. Oh yeah, he also types stuff on it too (who would’ve thought!!) which is usually very cool stuff about music and sometimes other stuff.

Anyway, check it out, it’s a jolly good blog!



Haha!!! I’m trying to improve my web presence so I’ve brought my old Bebo page out of retirement. There’s not much there at the moment but if you add me I promise I’ll sort it out!! LOL


Wow!!! August 10th since the last post. Well, I never have been much of a diary keeper and what with polytech been mega busy and working night shift been an N.S.T. (Nocturnal Space Technician – or shelf filler at the super market).

This semester has been a mixed bag for me. The projects themselves have been pretty decent but I’ve just found it difficult to muster any kind enthusiasm for them. I’ll post about them individually…at some point.

Right! To the Batcave!!