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i’m a mac… i’m an old school decepticon!


Well, that didn’t last long!

OK, due to time constraints (newish job, family, real life etc) I’ve had to cancel my Project 365 project. I’m still going to try and post more regular updates as I am still working on several projects from it.

Project 365: Nearly caught up Alien!

Well, I’ve nearly caught up on the project and next up is another polished concept for an alien as seen in an earlier post. It’s a weird little fella who is basically an idiot by himself and gets more intelligent when more than one gathers. Over the coming week I’ll be making some of his props including mech suits they would pilot, ships and tools. Anyways, here it is.

SUPER MARIO EYEBALL: Project 365 day 7

Catching up, slow but sure!

SONIC THE EYEBALL: Project 365 day 6

I’ve started running a bit behind on the project 365 er…project but here is day 6 for your viewing pleasure. He’s just a polished up version of the lil concept guy below. I quite like him. He looks gormless but cute 🙂

Aliens!!! Project 365 day 4 & 5

Just a quickie post today. I’m helping in the design of another Project 365 and done some very quick concept sketches for some wacky aliens. There may even be a couple that look familiar 🙂

They are very early sketches but hopefully over the weekend I’ll polish them up and throw them up here somewhere 🙂

Project 365 day 3

The concept behind the main character in my game concept is kind of a disposable hero. One of the abilities he will be able to put into action will be the scavenging of parts from defeated enemies and be able to attach them to himself. Such as the the Spider Drone, he will be able to rip its legs off and attach them to his ports (the little blue lights) for a limited time and use the abilities he gains.

Here is day three’s concept art of the main character using the ability described above. Enjoy and please leave comments and ideas in the usual place or just email me 🙂

Project 365 day 2

Today was just a quickie in that I decided to create a drone. Tomorrow i’ll be posting a bit of info on the game itself and how it plays and what its USP’s are.

The spider drone is just about 8 feet tall from ground to top of it mounted gun. They come in various flavours such as machine gun, concussion cannon and water cannon.

Project 365

With the beginning of a new year I’ve decided to start one of these so called daily projects (here on in called Project 365). The aim is to create a piece of work everyday for,, yup, you guessed it 365 days. I feel this may well be a great catalyst for some fresh new ideas so I’m going to try and stick to this as best as I can. My project is to create concept art for an independent videogame I have had an idea for for several months now. Hopefully something good will come of it and if not, at least I’ll be polishing my CS4 skils 🙂

Without further ado, here is my first piece!