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Coffee. Black.

The final Voyager piece (that I know of!) I suppose I should have posted it before the group shot! Ah well.

This was requested a long long time ago and I only just remembered it! Sorry it took so long Caron from


Star Trek Voyager: The Animated Series

It’s been a while since my last post (having a new baby will do that for you!), but here I am with my Star Trek Voyager: The Animated Series concept finally finished! Let me know your thoughts! 🙂

Megaman style Star Trek

I know I’ve posted a couple of these before but I’ve now finished all the shows and standardized the sizing. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have making them. I will complete the rogues gallery at some point.

Star Trek: Deep Space Mega

Continuing the adventures of Megaman styled Star Trek comes Deep Space Mega!

Star Trek : Mega Villains

Here are the next gen villains to go with the crew 🙂

Star Trek: The Mega Generation

A bit of fun creating the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation in the style of Capcom’s Megaman.

Star Trek Voyager Animated: Tuvok

Star Trek Voyager Animated: Chakotay

No 2 in a an ongoing mini ltd series!

I love his stoic look 🙂

Star Trek Voyager’s Neelix. Animated stylee!

Here’s the first in of several Star Trek: Voyager pieces I’ll be putting up this week, NEELIX!!
I’ve always hated this character. He’s annoying as hell and how did he ever end up with a hottie like Kes (even if she was boring!).