Project 365 day 3

The concept behind the main character in my game concept is kind of a disposable hero. One of the abilities he will be able to put into action will be the scavenging of parts from defeated enemies and be able to attach them to himself. Such as the the Spider Drone, he will be able to rip its legs off and attach them to his ports (the little blue lights) for a limited time and use the abilities he gains.

Here is day three’s concept art of the main character using the ability described above. Enjoy and please leave comments and ideas in the usual place or just email me 🙂


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Posted on January 4, 2010, in concept art, fun, Graphics, My Work, project 365 and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Nice concept. Kind of a futuristic Kirby. Aside from that and Mega Man I can’t think of many games that make use of that idea, and more should.

  2. Cheers Mr. Ink Asylum. Yeah, I never thought of it been like Kirby. Gotta love the pink ball of blubber 🙂

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