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How Does Little Blue Die?

In specialised communication I am currently designer about 10 A3 concept boards for our Oamaru Penguin Colony project. Today I got a little bored so I decided to create a new one. I’m a firm believer in children learning of the harsh realities of life and one of the things missin from the Oamaru Penguin project is DEATH. Enter Little Blue to teach young uns about the end of life. Of course I’m noit a completely uncaring kind of guy and realise that shown too harshly it could damage yound children.

I’m think I’ve managed to get the balance between reality, education and fun just right 🙂


Tonight Matthew I’m going to be…

…a business manager! Todays class was the second in specialised communication. The idea as mentioned before is a Dragon’s Den style one where we as students have to create a full-on business plan. Today we had to make a two minute presentation describing what we would like to do.

My idea is that of a small web/comic publisher which would diversify out into DLC>Cartoons>Movies>Action Figures etc. To be honest looking around the room during my presentation most of the faces looked blank and they couldn’t quite grasp my concept. Whether this was down to my presentation lacking or something else on their side I don’t know.

Anyway, my  idea is a good one is a good one in my opinion and I will run with it.

It’s good to be back.

This is it, the last year of my degree. I’ve literally got less than nine months to this is all over and I’ll have to work for a living once more 😦

Today was the first day back and it was an OK one. Our room has been much improved although no computers yet (we’re promised them by the end of this week which is good), it is now larger, not by much but by enough so that it matters.Class held today was interesting. Basically we have to individually create business plans to show and learn how the real world operates. Having already ran my own business back in the UK (motorcycle accessories if you must know) this shouldn’t be too hard. What it is I’m going to do I’m not so sure of yet but I’ll think of something fun hopefully.