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Batman: Arkham City (60’s style)

A quick Tuesday afternoon mess about.


Star Trek: The Mega Generation

A bit of fun creating the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation in the style of Capcom’s Megaman.

Block Effect

A quick piss about whilst waiting for tea a few nights ago!

RL = massive distraction!

Wow, real life has been throwing some crazy shit at me recently, my creativity and design has basically had to take a huge back seat and it will continue to do so for another month or so yet 😦 Saying that I did get a piece finished that I wanted to do, just a fun piece but still something I felt I had to do…


Haha!!! I’m trying to improve my web presence so I’ve brought my old Bebo page out of retirement. There’s not much there at the moment but if you add me I promise I’ll sort it out!! LOL

Video Game Art

Today’s video games are great. There’s no two ways about it, old games were good (a few were the best ever apparently;P), but lets be honest, half the time they were utter garbage that had no redeeming features what so ever. Today it’s different. A garbage game is hard to spot under all its fancy graphics and slick presentation (DOAX 2, I’m looking at you!).

Covers are often boring, pre-rendered and devoid of any personality (this of course is a huge generalisation, but it’s my blog so I can do that). Ahh, how I long for the days of the Atari 2600 where the covers were often the best thing. How the tears stung my cheeks when games never lived upto the promise these mini Da Vinci’s promised. Mighty God King have a great parody (that is barely a parody at all) of these awesome covers of ye olde times! Here’s my fave…

What\'s that Pong?

You are a Pirate!

Har Har Fiddle di di… It’s fun time again and today’s video is brought to you with the letter P and the number eight.
Proper updates will be coming soon.