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Autobot Apple style iPhone/iPod wallpaper


Transformers Apple Style iPhone/iPod wallpaper

A iPhone/iPod version of my popular “Deceptimac” Wallpaper.

i’m a mac… i’m a shiny decepticon

i’m a mac… i’m an old school decepticon!

I’m a Mac… I’m an Autobot

Lego Death’s Head II

Here’s the companion piece to my first Lego Death’s Head. He’s not as cool as ol’ banana horns, but he’s a part of his history now.

There’s a great devientart group which shows various artists (professional and fan) rendition of this cult fave. Check it out here!

Think Different… Think Decepticon

Like a shambling corpse, I post again!

WOW!! It’s been a while since my last post but I’ll forgive myself, what with having a new Graphic Design job and all! 🙂

Anyway, I’ve still been a busy boy and will do a few catch up posts over the next day or two.

First up is a very early work in progress for a new Death’s Head in the style of Marvel Zombies. He’s a long way from completion but here’s a little preview for you.

More soon.

Let’s go retro…two!

I really enjoyed doing the retro Transformers poster so decided to do a Transformers Revenge of the Fallen poster. It’s quite dark but looks good. See for your self.

60's transformers

Lets go….RETRO.

One of my comrades recently made a post on his blog (which is also design orientated) about retro style images based around movies/books. Similar to what I’ve posted here. I’ve finally decided to have a bash at making my own (why waste a trip on a perfectly fine bandwagon?). Well, as many people who know me know, I love Transformers so thought I’d give Michael Bay’s movie the treatment. It’s actually based around Marvel Comic’s first ever Transformers comic. Alas I have no artist name to give the original credit to but you can see it here. You should also check out Spacesick and Dr. Monster’s Flickr account for some of their superior works in this catagory. Very nice stuff indeed.

Anyway’s here is my attempt at this cool meme.

Basic RGB