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Transformers Apple Style iPhone/iPod wallpaper

A iPhone/iPod version of my popular “Deceptimac” Wallpaper.


i’m a mac… i’m a shiny decepticon

i’m a mac… i’m an old school decepticon!

SUPER MARIO EYEBALL: Project 365 day 7

Catching up, slow but sure!

SONIC THE EYEBALL: Project 365 day 6

I’ve started running a bit behind on the project 365 er…project but here is day 6 for your viewing pleasure. He’s just a polished up version of the lil concept guy below. I quite like him. He looks gormless but cute 🙂


Based on the old B-Movie movie posters this an invite for my son’s birthday next week. I like the concept and the result looks…OK, but I really wish I’d captured more of the vintage feel to it.

Project 365

With the beginning of a new year I’ve decided to start one of these so called daily projects (here on in called Project 365). The aim is to create a piece of work everyday for,, yup, you guessed it 365 days. I feel this may well be a great catalyst for some fresh new ideas so I’m going to try and stick to this as best as I can. My project is to create concept art for an independent videogame I have had an idea for for several months now. Hopefully something good will come of it and if not, at least I’ll be polishing my CS4 skils 🙂

Without further ado, here is my first piece!

Pitfall Custom kicks flyer/poster type thing..


Pitfall custom kicks

I love pitfall and nowhere is better than on the Atari 2600. The geometric shapes are just fantastic and really gave me some inspiration.
pitfall nike small

I’m currently creating a custom flyer for these ones too in the stylee of an old Atari 2600 box 🙂 I’ll post when it’s finished.


Dunedin Parkour logo

DPK (Dunedin Parkour), who are a fledgling parkour group that meet in Dunedin required a logo and Edsel (the guy, not the car!) who runs DPK asked if I help. So without further ado, here it is…