Based on the old B-Movie movie posters this an invite for my son’s birthday next week. I like the concept and the result looks…OK, but I really wish I’d captured more of the vintage feel to it.

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  1. I think it looks good and the illustration is adorable. If I may make a few suggestions about how to improve this or future designs:

    The “HARRY TURNS 2” should have less space between the two lines, which would allow you to make the font larger. A less drastic gradient, perhaps from just green to yellow, without the blue, might help as well.

    The “Out of this world” and “Robot-boy” font would probably read better in a different font, something with thicker lines, though not as bold as the title. The bright red and yellow fight with the headline for attention.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. What you’ve mentioned seem so obvious now! I’ve always had the most trouble with text layout and choice.

  3. You’re welcome! When I’m planning to try a new style of design it often helps to look for galleries of that style for inspiration and to see the design choices made. is a good site to see a variety of vintage art.

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