Project 365

With the beginning of a new year I’ve decided to start one of these so called daily projects (here on in called Project 365). The aim is to create a piece of work everyday for,, yup, you guessed it 365 days. I feel this may well be a great catalyst for some fresh new ideas so I’m going to try and stick to this as best as I can. My project is to create concept art for an independent videogame I have had an idea for for several months now. Hopefully something good will come of it and if not, at least I’ll be polishing my CS4 skils 🙂

Without further ado, here is my first piece!


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  1. Fantastic! It’s very “Iron Man”, meets “Batman Beyond”. I stumbled across your site, because I too am attempting the 365 days of design. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  2. Cheers Felix. Yeah, I see what you mean about the Iron Man / Batman Beyond. Hopefully as the project matures it’ll take on more of its own identity. I had a look at your blog, pretty cool stuff there. I’m looking forward to seeing how your project develops.


  3. Your site is excellent. I m gonna bookmark, ty for info.

  4. Your site is great. I m gonna read all, ty for info. Keep working on it.

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