Diesel Wall – ON!!!!!!

So, the Diesel wall competition is well and truly under way now with one of the four walls closed for entrieswith another (New York) to end tomorrow. My design is for Manchester which closes on the 18th I believe. My design went through quite a bit of an evolution, not in its theme, but in style. I initally wanted to do a high contrast black and white piece about urban renewal. Originally haling from the north of England this is something I have seen happen around me over the last several years of my life there (I left Blighty for NZ 2.5 years ago). I’m old enough to rememeber the IRA bomb  that destroyed a substantial part of Manchesters city centre, so with this in mind along with the amazing leaps forward in urban renewal/regeneration this was something I felt is close to my heart.

The idea was of a character fighting his way out of relics from the past whilst also trying to avoid been swept away by a wave which is trying to envelope him. Above is a mock up of the initial sketch in situ whilst below is a larger version.

Although I stayed with the concept the design changed to more of a metaphor whilst using a more simplified and clearer image to understand. The little guy now has fought his way out from the demons (relics of the past) and emerged from the tidal wave, almost in a born  again style statement, in the distance can be seen green hills and blue sky, symbolising a brighter future. The guy, however has a worried look on his face which is to show he is afraid of the mistakes of the past and doesn’t want to repeat them. Here is the finished piece which I have submitted to Diesel.

I am happy with the image and really enjoyed researching and creating this image. Hopefully something good will come out of it, if not never mind 🙂


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