It’s all about me…

…and all about everyone else in the class too and Milan and Dazed and Confused magazine. In todays DC class we started with our group presentation (myself, Erin Mck,  Sunshine and Zina (not the warrior princess). The presentation was about Milan and Dazedand Confused magazine and what they represented. I feel it went really well and we kicked some ass imo!

For the second section we had  had to do a five minute presentation on ourselves.


I thought I had done a fairly funny slide-show that showed my progression  from my early childhood illustration to where I am currently. It wasn’t until I was doig the presentation that I realised I have nothing reaaly good. It was a total disaster. The cool thing about the class was seeing how far the other students had progressed. Some of the have come along leaps and bounds others not so much but everyone has improved markedly.

For next week I have to show  early concepts and influences on the designs.


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  1. hey chris, i think we kicked ass too 😀 sorry i didnt say anything though – by the time it came to me everything had been said! Anyway i am sorta struggling with school work atm i guess i will he having a catchup easter homework fest. Well try to anyway. I hope you enjoy your easter with your wife and son :D. sunshine

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