Paper paper eveywhere…

Currently in my illustration/mixed media class we are doing a project for a company called BJBall. The idea behind it is for the class (as individuals) to create a promotional piece for them which will make use of their Harvest Recycled range. Lots of interesting ideas were brought up by the students and I’m sure we have a winner for the competition somewhere in the class.

My own ideas were narrowed down to two. One being a pair of 3d glasses without the coloured lenses in and instead having a visor with a vista on it that slots into place in front of the glasses allowing the wearer to be on a beach or in a park even when they are just in the office. My second idea consists of an A4 graphic diarama of some rolling hills, In the envelope this diarama comes in comes about 100 small square monsters (as seen in the post “They’re Coming”. The idea behind it is that when the recipient opens the A4 envelop, all the little monsters that are held inside will fall out over the desk causing a mess. This will initially cause confusion but once the user realises that they can then play with these small monsters and set them up around their desk/work area the confusion should disappear. Of course because there are so many of the little monsters (their size is app. 1cmx1cm) they will get everywhere and still be hanging around for weeks afterwards. Each one has a BJBall logo on it’s back and because each one is identical it will seem like it’s just one little monster running around the office.

Hopefully I should have a prototype of each one made some time this weekend and have photos up by Monday.



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