F L A S H !!! AHH AHHHH!!!! Saviour of the Universe!!

Originally posted Monday June 11th, 2007.

I’m currently doing a bit of a crash course on Adobe’s Flash CS3. I’ve used it [previous versions of Flash] a small amount in the past but never fully got to grips with it. With that in mind I’ve been looking at various resources around the net and found a great tutorial website about Flash and many other programs. http://www.lynda.com is a fantastic website that sells high quality video tutorials that will take you from been a novice to somewhere else (I can’t say where yet as I’m still learning 😛 ). Their instructions are very easy to use and will run on Mac or Windows.
I’ve learnt a lot in Flash CS3 these past few days and love the new functionality they have put into it. It’s now very similar to Illustrator and is a lot easier to draw with (I’m probably finding it easier to draw with than Illustrator but that’s a whole different blog post).

…so, check out lynda.com and CS3 they’reeeee great!


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